Friday, 23 January 2009

Home Sweet Home?

So here's the thing, when did houses stop being homes?

Or more importantly, when did homes start looking like show homes? Or hotel rooms?

I have noticed a tendency amongst friends recently, who have redecorated. In the process of redecorating (generally to some cream walls, brown leather sofas and beech wood finishes) they dump/ hide/ give away all personal items, including books and CD's. New prints are bought to match said colour scheme, new vases which sit in sets of three blend in with the rest of the blandness and the local florist must be on speed dial to keep up with the bunches of nonchalantly placed lilies.

Mr M and I live in a house which is coming down with books, CD's and things that mean something to us. Things that were bought as presents, found on a beach or made for us. Nice things. They don't necessarily 'go' with anything, but we love them. Why have people stopped doing that?

I have a friend who used to come to my house and rave about how it was so great to we had our books around us, and how when she moved she couldn't wait to have all her books out on shelves. Well, she's moved to her very large new house. And her books? If they moved with her, I wouldn't' know, as they are nowhere to be seen amidst the Ikea prints and copies of 'Northern Irelands Homes, Living and Interiors'

Someone once sat in my living room and said 'Oh, I just love your wee house, it's so cosy and personal'. I knew she didn't mean it and was actually saying 'You have a tiny house and it is messy'.

I don't care. It is our wee house and it is cosy and it is personal and long may it stay that way.

I'm getting annoyed, I must be feeling better.


nick said...

Good for you. Our house is full of cosy, meaningful clutter and knick-knacks as well. Those pristine, super-cool museum-like homes just make me shudder. Fortunately we only know about one person who likes that sort of pretentious nonsense.

Babycakes said...

Cosy meaningful clutter! Exactly! It's also telling that most people who have these show homes, also have cleaners. Another current 'norm' that we are managing without.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

this is pretty much the state of our house - most people in crete live in houses that are made for photo shoots in home and garden mags - it's just the way most people are made. the way i live, it's hard to do the dusting...