Saturday, 17 November 2007

And we're off. . .

Deep breath . . .

Let me introduce myself.

I am Mrs Babycakes Flap Gypsy, which sounds only slightly worse than my 'porn' name which is Starsky Doyle.

Hubbie has finally convinced me to blog - Mrs M is anonymous no longer.
Have you ever wondered what's happening Chez Gypsy while Mr M is cooking, baking bread and generally being tied to the kitchen sink? Now's your chance.

Although at the moment it's not very exciting, as I am watching The X Factor and drinking beer to de-stress after my long day at work. For what it's worth - I like Leon, but Rhydian Freak Boy will probably win.

So, here's a quick snapshot of what I'm interested in at the moment:

Reading - 'Blonde' by Joyce Carol Oates
Listening to - 'The Reminder' by Feist
Last movie - 'Tell No One'
Unmissable telly - 'Dexter'
Hating - The property market obsession (can't your house just be your home?)
Loving - real fires now the weather has turned cold

I work in the arts so the above list may become a regular feature, we'll have to see how this goes for me. Don't think I'm just some big culture vulture though, my favourite website is - celebs, fashion and bitching all in one delightful website. What's not to love? On that note, I'm off to watch America's Next Top Model (it's fierce!) and wait for Mr Mud Flap Gypsy to finish my dinner. Yum.