Wednesday, 7 January 2009

My Sounds of 2008

Everyone and their granny appears to be looking into their crystal balls and making their tips for the ‘Sound of 2009’. I imagine this is great for many upcoming artists, but isn’t it a shame that I am already sick of Florence and the Machine, even though I haven’t heard anything by them yet? If enough people (i.e. the media) tell me that something is going to be great, you can bet that I will take a dislike to it. Step forward Mika, Adele and Duffy.

So instead of looking forward, I’ll look back with a list of my top albums from 2008:

For Emma Forever Ago ~ Bon Iver
Beautifully haunting and eminently playable
April ~ Sun Kil Moon
Mark Kozelek does it again
The Golden Age ~ American Music Club
Mark Eitzel is back on form to break my heart all over again
How will I Know if I’m Awake ~ Brent Cash
Sun-dappled, 70’s sounding bliss
Alas I Cannot Swim ~ Laura Marling
OK, so it came out in 2007, but she’s the 17 year old I wanted to be
The Stoop ~ Little Jackie
Could be time for Amy to step aside – infectious and clean!
Way to Normal ~ Ben Folds
Not up to his usual standards, but Dr Yeng was worth the cost of the whole CD
To Survive ~ Joan as Police Woman
Utterly beguiling, has been in my head now for months
Seventh Tree ~ Goldfrapp
For personal reasons. . . .
Modern Guilt ~ Beck
Completely underrated, and my favourite driving album of the year

So there you go, that would be the soundtrack to my year – I could also include N.W.A’s ‘Straight Outta Compton’ despite it coming out 20 years ago. Mr M will concur that I haven’t stopped listening to it for the last few months. Although when I try sing along to ‘Gangsta Gangsta’ I do sound vaguely ridiculous . . . . .


Mudflapgypsy said...

"You might say that, I couldn't possibly comment..."

nick said...

I preferred Goldfrapp's earlier stuff - Black Cherry and Felt Mountain. Hauntingly original and atmospheric. The later albums seem a bit formulaic and mainstream.