Friday, 2 January 2009

Harold Pinter, RIP


It is the dead of night,

The long dead look out towards
The new dead
Walking towards them

There is a soft heartbeat
As the dead embrace
Those who are long dead
And those of the new dead
Walking towards them

They cry and they kiss
As they meet again
For the first and last time

Harold Pinter, 2002


nick said...

Jenny and I were just wondering, what new playwrights are there nowadays of the stature of Pinter, Wesker, Edgar, Hare etc? Very hard to think of any. Not many people breaking new ground and dissecting contemporary society. Or am I just out of touch?

Babycakes said...

I would agree Nick, there are still people like Mamet and Shepard (drink-driving disgraces aside!)toiling away - but a younger generation? personally I'm a big fan of Martin McDonagh and Conor McPherson but their work isn't really breaking new ground. Neil LaBute is also a favourite, but he's just a nasty man!

Anonymous said...

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